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908 - Michael Shikashio 1/15/2022 - 1/16/2022

Spots Available: 2

Aggression and Reactivity in Dogs – Live Workshop

With Michael Shikashio CDBC

January 15 & 16, 2022

Join aggression expert Michael Shikashio CDBC for a two-day workshop for dog guardians and dog professionals at Marin Humane! This unique event will be “the best of both worlds” as Michael will be working with pet parents each morning who are experiencing reactivity issues with their own dogs. Pet professionals will be able to watch and gain insight into helping dogs and clients with this common issue! During the afternoon sessions, Michael will focus on specific topics with the benefit of using morning cases to deliver the most valuable and relevant presentations in reactivity and aggression cases. If you are a dog professional, you will not want to miss out on learning useful techniques and strategies that you will be able to immediately apply to your work with dogs who have a history of aggression! Working spots allow for 2 individuals and 1 dog to facilitate pet parents and their professional trainers attending as a team.

Day One and Day Two Morning Sessions (the same working teams both mornings):

  • Helping the Dog That’s Having a Hard Time – Leash Reactivity Problem SolvingMichael will be working live in a group training session with dogs who have a history of displaying “reactive behavior” on-leash. From the foundational aspects of modifying this behavior to troubleshooting cases that have “gotten stuck,” this workshop will cover it all!  Spread out over two days, the progression of behavior change strategies will give the handler teams more tools for peaceful walks, and give behavior pros a unique view of working with “reactive behavior” in dogs.  

Day One Afternoon Session:

  • Prognosis and Realistic Goal Setting in Aggression Cases: One of the most crucial aspects of working an aggression case is to help clients and adopters understand the potential outcome for their situation. The prognosis is an essential tool for providing a framework for realistic expectations, and for avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue in our industry. Whether you work as a trainer or in a shelter setting, this presentation will give you a unique framework for assessing severity in aggression cases. 
  • Client Consulting – Navigating Difficult Conversations, Improving Client Commitment, and Fostering Success: Effective communication with clients is an essential skill in aggression cases. The most common “communication hurdles” we can encounter as behavior consultants, and sample scripts to encourage client participation will be highlighted. This presentation will leave you with strategies to navigate difficult conversations, as well as additional insight into successful collaborations with other industry pros!

Day Two Afternoon Session:

  • Intra-Household Dog to Dog Aggression: Dogs that live under the same roof and fight with one another can be one of the most difficult types of aggression cases to work with, let alone live with! Behavior change plans for working with intra-household dog to dog aggression, with real case examples, will be showcased in this session. Michael will highlight cases he has worked with that include videos taken by the clients to demonstrate the behavior change process, and their journey towards success!
  • No! That’s MY Owner!” Helping Dogs That Fight Over Their Owner:  How can we help dogs that compete over resources, and the resource is the owner? This presentation will focus on restoring harmony between dogs who have a history of conflicts over their owner’s attention. Michael will review the setups for safety when working these cases, discuss the behavior change strategies that are most effective, and feature videos of these techniques in action.  He will highlight how stationing behaviors can be incredibly helpful in these scenarios, as well as discuss when to incorporate operant vs. classical conditioning, and vice versa.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Please read cancellation policy below before registering.

  • Working Spot (maximum of 8)$600 (1 dog and up to 2 people). Please read working spot requirements below.
  • Auditors (maximum of 50): $250.00 per person, includes both days. Auditors may not bring a dog to this event. 

CEUs for CPDT, IAABC, and KPA.


  • Zoom Session (for working spot teams): January 4th at 4pm.  The Zoom session will be recorded for those working spot teams that cannot attend in person.
  • Live Event January 15 & 16, 2022 (both days):
    • Check-In: 8:30am – 9am
    • Morning Working Session: 9am to 12:30pm 
    • Lunch Break: 12:30pm - 1:45pm 
    • Afternoon Lecture Session: 1:45pm – 5pm

Working Spot Information: 

Participants who would like to be considered for a working spot must be willing to audit if they do not get selected. We cannot take registrations from people who only want to work a dog in order to attend. At the time of registration, all participants to be considered for a working spot will pay the audit fee of $250.00. If a handler/dog team is selected for a working spot, the participant will then pay an additional $350 (for a total working spot fee of $600). Teams selected for a working spot will be notified by email by December 22, 2021, including a link to submit additional payment due within 5 days of notification. Dogs must be healthy on event day and should be current on all vaccinations required by law. Dogs will need to be comfortable in a crate or staying in your car. Only one dog per household will be selected but you may submit more than one of your dogs for consideration. Working Spot applications were due December 12th.  To be put on the waitlist for a Working Spot please email

SCHOLARSHIPS & DISCOUNTS: No discounts or scholarships are available for working spots. 

  • Marin Humane Discounts: Marin Humane Employees and Active Marin Humane Volunteers are eligible for a 50% discount off the audit spot registration fee, beginning January 2, 2022. Please note that there is a maximum number of audit spots available and there is no guarantee that a discounted spot will be available on/after January 2nd.
  • Event Volunteer Discounts: In exchange for volunteering half of each event day, Event Volunteers will receive a 50% discount off the audit spot registration fee. Volunteers play a critical role in helping the event run smoothly. Tasks may include set-up/clean-up, hospitality, check-in, assisting dog teams moving to/from vehicles or crating locations, moving equipment including chairs, crates and visual barriers, assisting staff, or performing a variety of other duties.  We only have a few of these spots available, to apply for an Event Volunteer discount please fill out the form by December 12, 2021. Event Volunteer notifications will be sent via email by December 17, 2021.
  • Scholarships: A limited number of audit spot scholarships may be made available to those who are facing financial hardship. The scholarship program is based on an honor system — please do not ask for a scholarship based on financial need if you are able to afford attendance without one. To apply for a scholarship please fill out the form by December 12, 2021Scholarship notifications will be sent via email by December 17, 2021.

VIDEO/AUDIO TAPING:  Videoing your own dog working is at the discretion of the instructor, and may not be posted on a public website or social media.  You may not video or audio tape any other working teams, Q/A Sessions, or Lectures/Presentations.  There will be some videotaping done of the Working Sessions by Marin Humane for educational purposes. 

CANCELLATION POLICY – All cancellations must be emailed to  Cancellations received by 5pm pacific time on December 21, 2021 will receive a refund minus a 10% processing fee. Cancellations after 5pm December 21, 2021 will not be refunded. The additional working spot fee of $350 is the only fee that is refundable after December 21, 2021 and only if we are able to fill your working spot. No refunds will be issued for working spot cancellations during the last 72 hours before the event or for no-shows. This cancellation and refund policy applies to participants that must withdraw for any reason including but not limited to injury, illness, emergency, and personal or work-related reasons.

Michael Shikashio, CDBC, is the founder of and focuses on teaching other professionals from around the world on how to successfully work aggression cases. He is a five-term president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and is a full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Michael is sought after for his expert opinion by numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, New York Post, Fox News, The List TV, Baltimore Sun, WebMD, Women’s Health Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, SiriusXM Radio, The Chronicle of the Dog, and Steve Dale’s Pet World. He also hosts the popular podcast show “The Bitey End of the Dog” where he chats with the foremost experts on dog aggression. He is a featured keynote speaker at conferences, universities, and seminars around the world, and offers a variety of educational opportunities on the topic of canine aggression, including the Aggression in Dogs Master Course and the annual Aggression in Dogs Conference. 

If you have any questions about this event or to be put on the waitlist, please contact Carrie at More information will be emailed to registered participants prior to the event.

NOTE: COVID-19 safety procedures apply. At this time, all individuals are required to wear masks when indoors.

Class Trainer(s) Audit Spot
Price: $250.00
Location: Auditorium and Pavilion

Event Dates:

  • Saturday, January 15, 2022
  • Sunday, January 16, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM
Duration: 8hr(s)

Notes: Audit Spot. $250 per person. Please No Dogs.