Cat behavior classes and workshops from Marin Humane in Novato
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Cat Workshops

The Behavior & Training Department offers workshops that span basic cat care for young and old to best practices for dealing with kitty behavior issues. 

  • Improve your cat’s quality of life with environmental enrichment
  • Alleviate problem behaviors like jumping up on the counter and scratching furniture
  • Teach him practical skills like targeting to allow you to move him around easily
  • Teach your cat to come when called and do fun tricks

Training helps you communicate clearly with your cat and deepen your relationship.

If you aren’t sure which Workshop is right for you give our Cat Behavior Advice line a call:  415.506.6284 or email

We regularly add new workshops to our schedule. If you do not see a current class or workshop that works for you, please contact Behavior & Training or call 415.506.6284 to find out about future offerings. You can also access Cat Handouts for a wide variety of cat questions.

950 - Workshop: How To Train Your Cat

Many people believe that cats cannot be trained. They CAN be. Cats actually respond well to positive reinforcement (usually their favorite treat or being scratched in their favorite spot). The benefits of training your cat go far beyond learning how to do a trick.  We’ll teach you how to communicate with your cat and provide mental/psychological stimulation for them. The best part about training your cat, is that it teaches you both how to communicate with each other, which improves the relationship between you.   In addition, some of you may wish to train your cat not to wake you up in the morning, or some of you do not appreciate when they jump on the dinner table – we can help teach you how to use positive reinforcement techniques to train away some of these unwanted behaviors or behavioral challenges. This is an online Zoom class.  This is a 1 and 1/2  hour class. 
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