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Marin Humane is proud to host the most renowned trainers and behaviorists from around the country and the world. We offer fun, innovative and thought-provoking seminars, presenting and testing the latest ideas in the world of animal behavior and training.

902 - Lori Stevens - February 16-17, 2019

Marin Humane is honored to present
Lori Stevens
Shape Up! A Canine Fitness and Body Awareness Workshop
Saturday-Sunday, February 16-17, 2019

Fitness is essential for dogs who perform in sports and competition! Lori will discuss the importance of strengthening muscle groups needed for sports. Fitness exercises presented in this workshop can help prevent canine sports injuries, and they may improve your dog’s performance. Lori will provide some examples for specific sports, including which muscle groups to target and how to build strength. She will discuss the importance of core strength and how to squeeze fitness training into your sports training schedule.

Note: The focus in this session is on fitness exercises only, not on any other aspect of training competition behaviors. For example, the focus will not be on how to get a precision sit, down, or heel behavior while doing individual competition sports.

Prerequisites for participants: You should know how to shape and prompt behaviors. Your dog should be fluent in a nose-to-hand target when moving from A to B to target your hand. It will also be useful if your dog can target with two front paws, e.g. step up to a platform. Be prepared to reinforce your dog often.

Please ensure your veterinarian has cleared your dog for fitness exercises.

This seminar includes videos and live demos. Here’s a summary list of topics.

     - Physiological issues to look for in dogs
     - Observation skills are a primary focus
     - How to keep your dog safe during fitness exercises, including setting up the environment
     - Benefits of all exercises shown in the workshop
     - Fitness exercises specific to the hind-end, front-end, core, etc.
     - Targeting
     - Proper form/alignment for all exercises
     - When to stop doing a certain exercise or an exercise session, what to look for
     - Keeping fitness fun and fear-free -- how to train fitness behaviors :)
     - Foundation exercises for fitness
     - Backing up
     - Side-stepping
     - Platform exercises
     - Hind-leg targeting
     - From on-the-ground exercises to Fitness equipment, e.g. balance disc or platforms

Please note that the list above is not in the order that it will be covered in the seminar.

Lori Stevens (CPBC, CPDT-KA, CCFT, SAMP) is an animal behavior consultant, a professional dog trainer, a canine fitness trainer, an animal massage practitioner, and a senior Tellington TTouch® Training practitioner. She continually studies the interactions among animal behavior, movement, learning, fitness, and health. She uses intimidation-free, scientific, and innovative methods, in an educational environment, to improve the health, behavior, performance, and fitness of animals.

Lori's most recent of three DVDs by Tawzer Dog Videos is co-presented with Kathy Sdao and called 'The Gift of a Gray Muzzle: Active Care for Senior Dogs' --it focuses on improving the lives of our aging dogs. Lori gives workshops worldwide and has a private practice in Seattle, WA. She teaches online classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy on fitness, aging dogs, and massage/bodywork. Lori is the creator of the Balance Harness®.

Lori gets joy from helping others help their dogs whether for competition or daily life. She enjoys hiking, training, and playing with Cassie, her Australian Shepherd.

$380 for a working spot (10 max), $190 for an audit spot (30 max). Working dogs should be non-reactive to humans and other dogs, and must be comfortable being quietly crated in a seminar environment. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin at

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