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Seminars & Events

Marin Humane offers a wide variety of seminars and events. Check back here for posted events.

The Behavior and Training Department is proud to offer fun, innovative and thought-provoking seminars, workshops and events, presenting and testing the latest ideas in the world of animal behavior and training.

We offer seminars with some of the top trainers and behaviorists in the profession, at which both dog professionals and the companion dog owning public alike can learn more about the unique human-canine bond. We offer a variety of sporting events including Agility, Nosework ORT, agility fun matches, Rally, and Flyball Tournaments.

Our staff instructors provide workshops on a wide variety of topics including Tricks, Crate Training, Training with Clickers, Agility Skills, Recalls and Leash Walking Behaviors. If there is a workshop topic you are interested in that we don’t currently offer, please contact Behavior & Training or call 415.506.6280.

905 - NACSW Trial

Summit Trial

April 12 & 13, 2023 in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Premium coming soon.

Please Note: All handlers must be current members of NACSW™ and all dogs participating in trials must be registered with NACSW™. Exhibitors should obtain and review a copy of the rulebook, available at  Trial questions can be directed to

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909 - Nose work Sniff n Go Santa Rosa

Elite Sniff and Go in South Santa Rosa

Location: Mondo training field in Santa Rosa, CA.  Specific location will be emailed to participants before the event.  Note: the property is big, so you may be required to walk long distances, and many search areas may contain uneven terrain over dirt, rock, grass, turf, as well as elevated buildings, bridges, ramps, stairs, etc. Please consider whether this is feasible if you have mobility challenges.

Fees: $60 per dog for four Elite searches. Note: A variety of searches will be offered and will approximate a trial environment but may not meet all competition requirements. Runs may be done blind or with known hide locations, handler's choice. Level is Elite (eg variety of unknown, known or range of hide numbers, length of each search will vary).  Additional dogs may be run by the same handler with a separate entry and fee, but the hide locations will not change.

Schedule: More information including location, waivers, run-order and check-in time will be emailed at least 2 days prior to the event. You will run all of your searches back-to-back and then depart the facility.  Instructors/Volunteers will be available to act as a judge, but no scoring or prizes will be offered.  Participants may request as much or as little help as needed during the search; this is a training opportunity not a trial!  Searches may be split between 2 to 4 "judges" and run concurrently.

Dogs Participating: Dogs must be crated in cars when not working, please be prepared with your own shade and water. There is no specific reactive dog parking but we ask everyone to allow all dogs at least 8 feet of distance at all times. Dogs must be on a 6 foot leash when not searching. Please only use the designated potty areas, and do not wander the property.

Restrooms: There is a porta potty available near the parking area.

If you have any questions or would like to be put on the waitlist, please contact Carrie at

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